The DSG Lab uniquely combines the dynamic and the focus of a technological start-up with a long-term and rigorous view of academic research in developing data science projects based on a novel agile methodology

DSG is a multidisciplinary group that specializes in the use of scientific tools and methodologies to extract and utilize knowledge and insights from information (data) in various formats employed by organizations and companies. We focus on varied methods of data analysis, such as supervised/unsupervised machine learning, and structured/unstructured data formats implementing data mining, text mining and graph mining algorithms. We provide a unique combination of specialities, with experts and researchers from different fields, each with extensive academic background, hands-on practical orientation, and many years of experience in the industry.

Our company has substantial experience in managing a wide range of projects – including fin-tech, ad-tech, high-tech, cloud computing, and risk assessment. Our group specializes in end-to-end projects, while emphasizing a clear, ordered and proven transfer of information to clients. Due to the inherently multidisciplinary nature of data science, we believe that no single data scientist that become an expert in each sub-field or issue. This is why we have chosen to work collaboratively on every project, thus fully integrating the specialty fields of our various team members.


Our company founders are consultants with backgrounds in the industry and in research, each with advanced doctoral degrees in data science and neuroscience, with access to the most up-to-date and innovative studies in these fields. Also, our group has a rich history in entrepreneurial industry projects, including the founding and management of high-tech companies. Our members are lecturers in their relevant fields, teaching in advanced degree tracks in leading universities around the country.

Dr. Elan Sasson


A hi-tech entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the software industry. Adjunct Lecturer specializing in big data analytics and data science at the Tel Aviv University - the M.Sc. program in Business Analytics (Engineering Faculty) and the EMBA program (Recanati School of Management).

Gideon Rosenthal


Neuroscience Ph.D. student at Ben-Gurion University with an extensive background in the High-Tech industry. Teaching computational neuroscience and statistics courses. A seasoned data scientist and machine learning algorithms developer specializing in Deep Learning and Networks Analysis.

Shaul Abergil


Senior data scientist with extensive experience of developing data-driven products. High skills in programming specializing in Big Data machine learning platforms.


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