Cannabinoids Percentage Estimation

Company Overview

Offering a non-destructive and non-invasive analytical cannabis testing device. The company utilizes spectrography to overcome challenges posed by the heterogenous cannabis flower.

Business Case

Estimation of cannabinoid percent by analysis of (cannabis) spectrographic data.


Small data – ~1k flowers, 51 features.

Each flower is measured several times in a spectrographic device


R programming language, MySQL, and Shiny for a web-based application development.

Business Impact and Insights

Two applications were implemented in favor of this project:

  • Estimation Application: based on an optimized machine learning algorithm, the application reads spectrograph data and predicts corresponding cannabinoid percentage.
  • Model Generation Application: an extensive application that allows its end-users to examine the flower database (filter by date, supplier, cannabis variety, etc.) and generate a customized machine learning model according to specified data selection.
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