Peer-to-peer Lending

Company Overview

Platform for peer-to-peer lending - the practice of lending money to individuals or businesses through online services, matching lenders with borrowers.

Business Case

Predict whether lending request will be approved


Small data – 4,681 entries, 260 features.

Data comprised of records and metrics from weblogs, where each entry corresponds to a specific person.

Semantical categories of the features:

  • Workplace: experience, address, position demographic: age, home address, family status, education
  • Weblogs: time of web request login, logout, and total login duration
  • External resources: socio-economic status according to CBS reports (by cross-referencing home addresses)


R programming language

Business Impact and Insights

  • Characterizing population and subpopulations of the peer-to-peer lending community
  • Business strategy was redirected according to data analysis
  • Machine learning model with 97% accuracy to predict if a lending request will be approved
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