Predict Arrival of Cellular Replacement

Company Overview

Cellular company

Business Case

Predict the arrival of cellular replacement parts ordered from providers in different global locations.


3 separate tables containing 17k~, 32k~ and 400~ entries.

  • Table 1 (17k) – Orders creation documentation, features include orders, parts, dates, amounts, and providers.
  • Table 2 (32k) – Warehouse transaction documentation (receive/send-back transactions). Features include transaction type (inbound/outbound), cost, orders, parts, dates, and provider.
  • Table 3 (400) – Mapping between part number and part description, features include part type, part model, and manufacturer.


Python programming language.

Business Impact and Insights

Predictability of order arrival with part-level specification (as a single order often consists of many parts) on order date, marking days from the day of order approval.

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